Fruit Cake Bases Ready to Decorate

The deliciously moist Sweet Success rich fruit cake recipe, passed down through several generations, has become a beloved treat for fruit cake lovers everywhere. This delectable cake has been a highlight at weddings, parties, and exhibitions across the UK, gaining rave reviews from individuals and businesses alike.

Our Fruit Cakes are perfect for wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, Easter cakes and more! Each cake is filled with raisins, currants, sultanas, cherries and a healthy splash of sherry to give a traditional flavour.

To ensure the utmost quality, we meticulously select the finest ingredients from around the world. We take great care to bake consistently exceptional cakes that perfectly complement your decorating skills.

Our customers have come to rely on our ready to decorate fruit cakes, sponge cakes, and icings. Whether pursuing cake decoration as a hobby or a business, they can trust our products to provide a tasty base for their creations. Many enthusiasts discover that they enjoy the artistic aspect of cake decoration far more than the baking process itself. By turning to us, they can focus on honing their decorating skills while saving valuable time and effort typically spent on baking.

Conveniently located in Nottingham, we offer mail order services to customers throughout the UK. We also welcome visitors to our dedicated sugarcraft and cake decorating shop at our Bakery in Nottingham. Although we no longer create finished decorated cakes, we strive to provide everything you need to decorate your own cakes, coupled with friendly expert advice.

Can you buy ready baked fruit cakes?

Yes, we sell ready baked fruit cakes. No need to pre-order just order online, or over the phone, for delivery to any UK address within 2 working days. Our fruit cakes are 2.5" deep as standard. We can also bake extra deep fruit cakes up to 3.5" deep, just allow up to 2 weeks for special bake fruit cakes.

How do I cut my fruit cake?

A sharp serrated knife with a long blade is essential; a good SHARP bread knife is usually suitable. Ornamental knives used for the cake cutting ceremony are not sharp enough. USING A BLUNT KNIFE WILL MAKE THE CAKE CRUMBLE!

You will need a clean, moist cloth to wipe the blade clean between cuts. The knife will work best if the blade is clean and moist. Use a flat cutting board to work on.

First cut a large piece of the cake, about a quarter of a 10" cake. Use a sawing action with the serrated blade - don't try to just push the knife down through the cake - and make sure to cut all the way down to the base board.

Next cut through or break off any icing decoration holding the cake to the board at its bottom edge. Then make sure that the cake crumb is not fixed to the board by sliding the knife underneath, between cake and board.

You should now be able to lift the cake, using the knife and blade underneath, onto a flat cutting board.

Now start to cut the cake into long slices of the chosen thickness, wiping the blade between cuts and allowing the slices of fruit cake to lie flat on the board as you cut them. The long slices can then be cut into smaller portions ready to serve.

How do I store my fruit cake?

Any cake not to be served on the day should be wrapped to keep it moist. Cover the cut surface of the fruit cake crumb with polythene or clingfilm and then place the whole cake in a large plastic bag. Return the cake to the box and store in a cool dry place. Fruit cake does not need to be refrigerated or frozen but it has got a shelflife of approx 12mths+ on receipt.