How Many Chocolate Cigarellos do I need?

How many cigarellos do I need/The table below gives a rough guide to the number of cigarellos you will need for various sizes of round and square cakes. The exact number used will depend on your spacing. Remember, it is always best to allow a few extra in case of breakages!

This guide is based on using 3 cigarellos per inch - this is closely spaced, almost touching. For unusual shapes not shown on the chart below, you can use a piece of string or ribbon to measure the distance round your cake, then use the 3 per inch rule to estimate quantities.

Our Belgian Chocolate Cigarellos are the particularly fine, high quality ones made by Unifine, not the very fragile 'budget' versions which are also now on the market. Easy to use, these ready made cigarellos mean that you can fairly quickly produce a stunning chocolate centrepiece.

The cigarellos are approximately 10cm (4 inches) high, and one 700g box contain approx 140 cigarellos. Use the table below to work out how many you will need, then you can calculate how many boxes to order! Allow some extra in case of breakages.

Why not use our chocolate filling cream to coat your cake and attach the chocolate cigarellos for best results?

Cake Size Round Square
4" 38 48
5" 47 60
6" 57 72
7" 66 84
8" 76 96
9" 85 108
10" 95 120
11" 104 132
12" 114 144
13" 123 156
14" 132 168