Don't let that beautifully baked cake go to waste - it's time to get started with decorating your cake! Check out our top tips on essential equipment to kickstart your cake decorating adventures. Let's turn that plain cake into a masterpiece for your event!

Cake Leveller - you've got a perfect sponge cake from us, but we do you do with it now? A cake leveller is a great tool to cut your cake into nice, even layers. Just set the height and away you go! You can use these on all sponge cakes but we wouldn't recommend them to cut fruit cakes.

Cake Boards and cake box - people often forget to think about presenting their cakes so don't forget to order a cake board and a cake box which will help you to store your cake and keep it away from any potential damage. As a rule, always buy a cake board that's 2-3" bigger than your cake and buy a box that's the same size as your cake board to ensure a good fit.

Palette knife/spatula - these are investment tools which you'll have for years to come so we'd recommend buying a few different sizes for small and larger cakes. Palette knives can be used to apply buttercream, create effects on cakes, help fill piping bags etc. Straight Edge and Cranked knives are a great addition to your cake decorating toolkit!

Turntable - using a turntable will help make sure you can reach all sides of your cake, there are many types of turntables but just getting started with a basic one will help make your life a little easier!

Piping Nozzles and Piping Bags - Piping might seem like a scary technique to master but with a little practice, you'll be decorating cupcakes in no time! The 1M Nozzle is the best way to get started with piping so try that one first to create beautiful whippy style cupcakes or little rosettes on top of your cake.

Filling - all our cakes require filling whether this be jam, buttercream or fresh fruit! We make a range of delicious cake fillings which are ready to use straight from the tub, saving you time and hassle in the kitchen. Our Filling Cream can be used to fill and coat a cake, just use it like you would a normal buttercream.