Our Sponge Cakes and Cupcakes have a 5wk shelf life from the date of dispatch, but they can also be frozen for up to 3mths if you need them for a later date. If you plan to freeze your undecorated cake, we advise keeping your cakes in the original box packaging as this will help keep the cake safe from strong odours or 'freezer burn'.

Once your cake is decorated, we can't guarantee how well the cake will freeze - but the cake should be perfect kept at room temperature for up to 1 week after decorating. Please make a note of the shelf life of your fillings as things like fresh cream or fruits will shorten the shelf life considerably.

Freezing cakes covered with sugarpaste can lead to problems with condensation when defrosting so we don't recommend freezing an iced cake.

Cupcakes can also be frozen for up to 3mths and also have a 1 week shelf life after being decorated.

We don't recommend freezing our Fruit Cakes, Fruit Cakes typically have an 18mth-2yr shelf life.